Corcovado Nacional Park
Sirena Ranger Station.

This tour is an expedition to the Heart of the Corcovado National Park, the most remote ranger station from any possible access in the Osa Peninsula.
Our day begins at 5 00 a.m. beginning the trip at Sierpe river and town, right from Las Vegas restaurant were our tour operator is located, going down the river for about 45 minutes through the Terraba-Sierpe Wet Lands (Declared as one of the most important Ramsar Sites by Unesco 1971), were is very possible to see many different species of birds and 3 species of monkeys, crocodiles, Caymans, snakes; furthermore the unique scenery beauty that   the mangrove forest offers
Once we get to the sea we are heading down south for about 1 hour and 45 minutes travelling parallel to one of the few places around the world were it is still possible to  see  primary forest meeting together with the beach and the ocean, the last remaining tropical rain forest in  the pacific Mesoamerican coast.

When we get to Sirena we will be hiking through the different trails  that will take us deep through this fascinating beauty of the primary forest at this ranger station and the big biodiversity and biological intensity that these wonderful ecosystems enclose. Also if we are lucky we will find Jaguar or Puma´s foot prints.  Some of the mammals that is possible to see are ant eaters, agoutis, tayras, coati mundi, howler monkeys, white face capuchin monkeys, squire monkeys, and spider monkeys, there is also big mammals like tapirs, and 2 species of peccaries. There is  a large variety of bird species like trogons, tiger herons, guans, hawks, tanagers and more. Also it is possible to find snakes, Crocodiles, and iguanas.
After enjoying the hike, we will have lunch, and some rest, and then take the boat back to Sierpe, by the way that on the way back sometimes we see dolphins, whales manta rays, and sea turtles, this. according to each species`s season.
On the way back your guide will show you  the beautiful  scenery of this wet land, giving you at the same time an explanation and identification of the natural history of the existing species and why they are important  to our world.
Once back in Sierpe you can enjoy your favourite drink and talk about what you learned and what you liked most about this beautiful place.  

  • Special note:

We only travel by boat with the very best and most experience captains. And we only use excellent boats and life jackets equipment.

Important things to bring:

  • Flash light.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Swimming suits
  • Hat.
  • Sun block lotion.
  • First aid kit.
  • Rain Poncho.
  • Rubber boots.
  • Sandals and shorts. ( We are hiking a little bit along the water  from the boat to the beach)
  • Medication in case your are under a prescription drug.
  • Sea sick medication ( like Dramamine ) if you are sensitive to boat trips.
  • Camera. Or video camera.( extra batteries, extra film)
  • Light colours clothing.
  • Important note: Please do not feed the wild life.
  • Bring back the garbage with you.

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